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Vedic invocations of meaning that ‘Earth is my mother and I am her son’ are the essence of Indian thought and that they inform every corner of Deendayal Ji’s Integral Humanism. Bhatt delivered his Presidential remarks to mark out that the idea of Integral Humanism is a holistic philosophy relevant not only in the past but also today. Hence it isn’t a mere ideology represented by an ‘ism’ like many contemporary thoughts.Also that this branch of sociological research eschews that false binaries of good and bad only, thereby, opening a wide field for ideas that are both good and bad. Deendayal Ji was both a thinker and a practitioner.This grey area is the plane where we have to find out path of consensus by way of debate and discussion. His thought has both an ideological as well as practical panache.On the front of ideology he was open to new ideas and his practical side is best reflected in his vision that all the material creation is to be understood as human achievement.Chair calls for 2 minute silence at the start of Technical Sessions to pay tribute to the martyrs of Uri Attack dated 18 September, 2016. He outlined that Deendayal Ji used He urged that t6he answer to this question is to be located in India’s own store house of wisdom- Ramayan and Mahabharata.In Ramayana when Shri Rama accepts his mother Queen Kaikeya’s order to defines India and defies the limited logic of Western world.He recalls that when Deendayal ji was asked about the poor performance of his party in Lok Sabha elections in 1962 he simply said ‘all those who have won, are mine and I am their own’. Ashok Modak in his enlightening remarks took up the challenging task of identifying key features of Deendayal Ji’s conception of Integral Humanism.

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He also observed that this vision is not only relevant during the days of struggle but also in times when the people alighted by the thought have assumed power to change India for better. Mahesh Chandra Sharma started his address by equating the Integral Humanism with the entirety of Indian political thought staring with the Vedas to our contemporary times.

Deendayal Ji was born on 25 September, 2016 at a small village in Mathura district of Uttar Pradesh in North India.

Deendayal Ji was a social worker, educationist, economist, journalist, orator and above all a masterful organizer of men committed to the cause of nation-building in those turbulent days.

Further all struggle, violence, hatred and jealousy is artificial and has no place in Indian thought. Mani gave his address a fitting start by recalling the Vedic dictums of as the core or foundational principles of Integral Humanism expounded by Deendayal Ji.

It is these ideas of Deendayal Ji that Modi government is implementing by way of programmes like etc. He observed that balance is the key to success, whether in material pursuits or in spiritual world.

He reminded the guests that India is not merely a country but also a mother for all of us.