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17-Jun-2019 10:20

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If you’re in a hurry to catch a show or movie, let your bartender or server know in a polite way.“We have a show/party/wedding/funeral to get to and we want to get a quick drink/food.” This is SO helpful for a bartender or server, a lot of times we can make things happen quickly so that you can get to your bar mitzvah, or whatever it is.And this doesn’t mean that they’re some kind of tax-evading builders. And yes, it can get a little awkward when they’re down to our last pennies and start paying in coins everywhere.(And also, you will have at least five conversations a day about how bad the tips are).Whether it’s a business lunch, or a date, there is a lot already on your mind. One thing that can give you a leg up is understanding that your server or bartender is there to insure that you have a great time.

It’s okay — you’ve discovered going to the cinema is way cheaper and less busy during the day.We spend 90% of our time behind that bar, or serving tables.Most of our eating and drinking occurs at work, so we know what’s good.Nothing makes my shift better than knowing that my recommendations made my customers happy.

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Separate checks or evenly splitting checks is easy breezy for most places.Also, you’ll get weekends with your friends and weekdays with your love.