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am, May 16th, 2017 - 36 comments Categories: Abuse of power, accountability, national, same old national - Tags: alfred ngaro, bullies, bully state, dirty politics, list, national, stifling dissent Nat MP Alfred Ngaro is copping it in the media for threatening to withdraw funding from people critical of National. National has a long history of attacking, intimidating, and trying to silence critical voices and facts.

Institutions that are the bulwarks of our democracy have been undermined.This kind of nonsense is corrosive to democracy and it could happen to anyone: Ex-govt lawyer’s ‘bury bad news’ claim A former high-ranking Customs lawyer says he resigned from his job after allegedly being told to bury information that could embarrass the Government.Curtis Gregorash said he was told by senior Customs executives to refuse Official Information Act and Privacy Act requests, which he believed was at the direction of former Customs Minister Maurice Williamson.It also does not matter how much they attempt to change the rituals to be more palatable to Christians, since the origins, to me, betray the focus.

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Martyn Attard was a Freemason for around six years and who renounced the fraternity for Catholicism.

After each item, I offer a representative quote from a pastor.