Advantage co dating worker

15-Apr-2019 12:06

If you work in two completely different areas, it might work, yet be prepared for the fallout if it does not. Sharing each others company, getting to know each of your families? If you think she is hot, and thinking about having sex with her, ( right away ) highly not recommended. I have found most women like men who work with their hands..

Many companies have policies that forbid interpersonal involvement with co-workers..I worked for the phone company, Both people were terminated for innappropriate actions outside of the workplace... Socializing and work is not a good thing, a majority of companies forbid it because of the legal issues Dating??????????? So, is she the type who would rather be wearing jeans then the dress she has on?

just my 2 cents I keep my professional and private life separate.

I may be tempted to date a co-worker, but I would not.

I also experienced that problem of being with him all day then wanting to go out at night,..frankly, I grew tired of seeing him ALL THE TIME!!

For those who do, it allows you to be always near each other.

Can't recommend dating co-workers in a general sense - with some exceptions.