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Family members lined up to get tested, and doctors eventually found that Wryn's grandmother Carol was a perfect match, despite the 60-year age difference.After a double nephrectomy to remove the problematic kidneys and 20 months on dialysis, Wryn finally received her new kidney on July 13.Currently, transplants are the only available long-term treatment for the condition beyond dialysis.Wryn is pictured in the hospital with her parents just days after receiving her new kidney.But this would be a problematic solution for many reasons.

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Wryn Graydon, who lives in Moody, Alabama, was diagnosed with congenital nephrotic syndrome, a rare kidney disease, when she was two months old.When she turned one, she could be put on the donor list, though she still wasn't old or strong enough to receive a new kidney.'The list is long, and it made more sense to try to do it within the family, so we all had to decide who would get tested first,' he said.Normally children in need of a transplant are best suited to receive a child-sized kidney.Congential nephrotic syndrome is a rare genetic condition that affects the kidney's functioning, meaning she would need a new one Everyone in the family wanted to be the person who could give a kidney to their sick little girl, but doctors could only test three people at a time.

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Eventually it came back that Wryn's grandma Carol was a donor match.Then, at four months old, she was placed on dialysis.

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