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Tempus Fugit – the tempus fugit term is a Latin word that means “time flies”, it is not a recognized brand of timepiece but what makes it famous is its incorporation with the top grandfather clock makers such as Howard Miller and Kieninger.

Buyers must be aware that only distinguished tempus fugit carries along the brand or the name identification of a famous clock company.

A modern Tempus Fugit grandfather clock measures a height of 14.75 ft and a width of 11 inches, the tempus fugit sign is marked on top.

– each these timepieces are noted for their excellence and are crafted with the same pride that every Hentschel carries along dating back to the originals since 1890.

It was then a division of Herman Miller’s furniture company and was later on managed and renamed after Herman’s son Howard C. The company is titled to as the “world’s largest manufacturer of grandfather clocks which still operates today and is one of the makers of top class long case clocks. Their grandfather clocks started exclusive production in 1960, making them the oldest company to continuously produce grandfather clocks in the United States.

– is a producer of longcase, mantle and wall clocks and is actually a division of the Howard Miller Company. – named after Seth Thomas, the famous 19th century American clock maker.

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Bulova Company in 1875 and was reincorporated under the Bulova Watch Company in 1923.Although not all, some companies are prominent producers of grandfather clocks that have been passed on from a particular ownership to the other. is an icon in American homes which was founded in 1875.They produced a large number of wall and mantle clocks and also made watches. Waterbury continues to operate today as the Timex Corporation.– founded by Franz Hermle nearly 100 years ago in the Black Forest.

Hermle Clock Company is one of the worlds lead manufacturer of German grandfather clocks.– named after its maker, Gustav Becker timepieces easy to identify, almost all his clocks including the tall cases are weight driven that followed with the introduction of the spring driven mechanisms.