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05-Jan-2019 02:16 i=1000371531995&mt=2 Only in Nashville can a simple pool party turn into a gathering of some of Christian music's top Christian ladies.Mandisa posted a picture with some of her friends, including Natalie Grant, Blanca, Ellie Holcomb, Jodie from Love and the Outcome, Jaime Jamgochian, Jasmine Murray, Lindsay Mc Caul and Moriah Peters. Want more of Bustle s Sex and Relationships coverage?

If you re accepted, the app — for people in creative industries — will link you with other special chosen ones.  There is a waiting list to get on the app, but if you have a friend who s on there — they can give you a VIP ticket which lets you cut the line.

Also, their team of dating experts review everyone who signs up, and if you re not actually a professional, you re weeded out. Dapper handles this for you; if you have a match, the app will suggest a time and place for an awesome first date. Â [Embed] Check out Bustle s Save The Date and other videos on Facebook and the Bustle app across Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire TV.

It s also an invite-only app, which promises to weed out scammers and randos, and present you with a more curated selection of dates. Be Linked is an obvious choice, as it uses your Linked In account the way Tinder uses your Facebook profile, but this is not your only option. The League The League dating app is highly selective, and profiles pull in your Linkedin and Facebook info.

The app is populated with your Instagram photos, and places deep emphasis on getting to know someone inside and out, as opposed to the Tinder hot-or-not sensibility.

The Dating Lounge As with Hitch, where you get to play matchmaker, and Hinge, where you date friends of Facebook friends, The Dating Lounge connects people that are friends of friends on Facebook, and mutual pals can play cupid and introduce friends via the app. Be Linked is for professionals, so if you re chillin on your mom s couch and plan on staying there for a long time, more power to you, but this app may not be the best fit.v=hfh FWja Of Js A new acoustic video is now available from Gateway Worship.