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Disclaimer: For a movie to be considered for this list, both characters in the relationship needed to be of high school age or younger.(Sorry, The Notebook lovers.) And the rankings are based on the romance within the story, not the film itself.Moment that made you melt: Kim sings a whole song to Hugo to remind him how she feels. He asks if she wants the truth, then nods and says, "No" with an adorable and totally melt-worthy smirk, particularly for those who fall for bad boys. But when John asks his brother Scott (Penn Badgley) to spy on Kate, the "Other Tucker" begins to develop feelings for her. What it's about: Danielle (Elisha Cuthbert) moves in next door to Matthew (Emile Hirsch), who "accidentally" sees her changing through the window. P, What it's about: "Pleasantly plump," puffy-haired, and perfectly confident Baltimore teenager Tracy Turnblad (Ricki Lake) doesn't just take queen bee Amber Von Tussle's (Colleen Fitzpatrick) top spot on the The Corny Collins Show — she wins over Amber's dreamy boyfriend Link Larkin (Michael St.Moment that made you melt: When Scott agrees to be Kate's lab partner again. Danielle, looking for payback, makes Matthew run down the street wearing nothing but an inflatable tube. What it's about: It's 1957 in the rural South, and 14-year-old Dani (a very young Reese Witherspoon) develops a massive crush on the hot 17-year-old boy (Jason London) who lives on the next farm over. That fleeting kiss may not have meant a relationship, but it was the stuff of all teenage dreams. Gerard) with her dance skills and sunny attitude, and rallies to integrate the '60s show as well.Moment that made you melt: When Tommy tells Kathy that they can ask for an exception because he's made art that proves the legitimacy of their love. When young Jets member Tony (Richard Beymer) falls in love with one of the Sharks' younger sisters Maria (Natalie Wood), things get even more complicated (and the music gets even better). What it's about: Popular boy Zack (Freddie Prinze Jr.) takes on a bet with his friends to turn their unpopular art-loving high school classmate Laney (Rachel Leigh Cook) into prom queen in six weeks. It's a classic trope, but Zack and Laney's layered personalities make them relatable, and you can actually see why they're good for each other. Amid all the pain, Halley finds herself growing closer and closer to Macon, that is until he becomes the cause of her pain when she finds out he was spending time with another girl. What it's about: Precocious soulmates Sam (Jared Gilmnan) and Suzy (Kara Hayward) painstakingly plot to run off together in Wes Anderson’s film, which treats the waning days of childhood the two share as a precious realm of its own.Moment that made you melt: When Tony opines that "Maria" is the most beautiful sound he's ever heard and realizes how wonderful a sound can be. Moment that made you melt: Zack and Laney let down their defenses in her basement art studio. Moment that made you melt: When Halley and Macon dance in the hospital hallway. While they set up camp in a secluded cove on New Penzance, Suzy’s parents, Sam’s scoutmaster, and the rest of the island come together to search for the kids and track them down before an approaching storm. What it's about: Family and friends (Michelle Williams included) of high school cheerleader Megan (Natasha Lyonne) stage an intervention after realizing she's a lesbian thanks to her love of Melissa Etheridge and vegetarianism.Austin and his friends start a school-wide search to find the girl behind the mask. What it's about: This one's complicated, but a love triangle develops between three friends who come of age at a mysterious, secluded boarding school and are destined to lead brief lives. What it's about: Spoiled wild child and congressman's daughter Nicole (Kirsten Dunst) falls for a working-class Mexican-American straight-A student named Carlos (Jay Hernandez) and a clash of cultures ensues. What it's about: Torrance (Kirsten Dunst again! Their lips meet just as "She Loves Me" by Stephen Duffy swells and it’s all kinds of wonderful, right down to the shot of Stoltz's grease-covered hand on Masterson’s hip.Moment that made you melt: When Austin, in the final huddle of the big football game, leaves the field and runs into the crowd to kiss Sam. Kathy (Carey Mulligan) and Tommy (Andrew Garfield) think that their true love might win them an exception to the rule that would separate them forever. (Note: This has nothing to do with the Hanson song of the same name that is also fantastic in its own right.)Moment that made you melt: That montage of Nicole and Carlos' adorable honeymoon stage set to David Gray's "This Year's Love" that includes Carlos bonding with a puppy on the beach with only his head sticking out of the sand. ) tries to lead her cheerleading squad to victory; Cliff (Jesse Bradford) hates cheerleading; through a series of excellent musical choreography montages, they figure out their love for each other. —Alison Willmore What it's about: In New York City's Upper West Side in the mid-'50s, there's a serious rivalry between the Jets and the Sharks, two teen gangs of different ethnic backgrounds (the former are Polish-American and the latter are Puerto Rican). —Erica Futterman What it's about: Halley (Mandy Moore) meets Macon (Trent Ford) outside the guidance counselor's office during her senior year of high school, which is off to a rough start: Her father has moved out, her pot-smoking grandmother has moved in, and her best friend watched her boyfriend drop dead on the soccer field.

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And while the mutual declarations of love that follow aren't evenly matched — Sam's isn't a romantic love, yet — the moment is sharply honest and lovely. Hugo and Kim define young, chaste love that's disrupted by Conrad's bad boy persona. Moment that made you melt: "Will you go out with me? Moment that made you melt: Paulie cuddles with Juno in her hospital bed after she's given birth as tears roll down her cheeks. Moment that made you melt: When the princess (Claire, played by Molly Ringwald) pays the criminal (Bender, played by Judd Nelson) a visit in the closet he's been sequestered to and asks him if he was really disgusted by her lipstick trick. What it's about: New girl Kate (Brittany Snow) has aligned herself with the ex-girlfriends of heartbreaker John Tucker (Jesse Metcalfe) in an effort to woo and then dump him.

Moment that made you melt: "Tell me about it, stud" aka the pinnacle moment of Sandy trying to take on a different persona and Danny's also being someone he's not and then them both saying, Screw it, we love each other! He falls hopelessly in love with the beautiful Kim (Winona Ryder) as the town turns against him and he’s driven away. down on the rooftop, tells him how talented he is, confesses how much she loves him, they stumble around a bit, brush the hair out of their eyes, and at long last, make out, with the Gin Blossoms' "' Til I Hear It From You" in the background. Moment that made you melt: David winds up getting wooed by beautiful cheerleader Margaret (Marley Shelton) and on their first official date, as "At Last" plays on the radio, the world begins to turn technicolor. Their romance is complicated by their class divide, as well as Blane’s fears about what other people will think of them, and there are also the concerns of Andie’s best friend Duckie (Jon Cryer), who’s in love with her. As "If You Leave" plays in the background, Blane walks over, tells Andie he loves her, kisses her on the cheek and says, "Always." Perfectly played, John Hughes. Having trouble fitting in, she's befriended by Chenille (Kerry Washington), but she quickly becomes interested in Chenille's brother, Derek (Sean Patrick Thomas), who helps Sara move forward and find her inner dancer again. Meanwhile, her best friend Dionne (Stacey Dash) is in a long-term relationship with Murray (Donald Faison). "When you get mad at me, I got to give you flowers." "But I don't like flowers," she says. My mom won't ever buy them." Finally, he decides, "I think we ought to kiss now." They could not be cuter. Shailene Woodley’s Aimee is the nice girl he takes up with after his girlfriend Cassidy (Brie Larson) dumps him and tells him she’s ready for something more grown-up.

Moment that made you melt: Edward helps Kim’s jerk of a boyfriend Jim (Anthony Michael Hall) rob his own parents' house, aware that the story Jim told him about how they’re only retrieving stolen property is a lie. What it's about: Hazel Grace (Shailene Woodley) and Gus (Ansel Elgort) literally run into each other at a support group for people dealing with terminal illnesses. What it's about: A bunch of teens work at a record store and love each other in various capacities, but the movie takes place over the course of a single day when A. (Johnny Whitworth) vows to finally tell Corey (Liv Tyler) how he feels about her. Moment(s) that made you melt: Andie and Blane engage in some proto-Messages text flirting on the finest PCs 1986 has to offer in the school computer lab. Moment that made you melt: When Derek decides to show up for Sara's audition to support her instead of helping his friends with a drive-by. Compared to Cher's conquests, Dionne and Murray look like an old married couple, albeit one whose drama involves Murray shaving his head without running it past Dionne first. What it's about: The story of the childhood sweethearts Monica Wright (Sanaa Lathan) and Quincy Mc Call (Omar Epps) who go through many ups and downs (and lots of basketball games) throughout their decades-long relationship. At first a rebound and fresh distraction for Sutter, Aimee slowly becomes something more, encouraging him to fulfill his own potential while he helps her to stand up to her mother and understand her own worth. What it's about: New Jersey high school music lover Norah heads to New York City to see her favorite band with her lush of a best friend and, in an effort to avoid an awkward situation with an ex, asks Nick at random to "be [her] boyfriend for five minutes." Spoiler alert: It presumably ends up being more than that.

Moment that made you melt: In an attempt to win Kat over, Patrick hijacks the school P. system and enlists the marching band to help him serenade her with "Can't Take My Eyes Off You" during soccer practice. What it's about: Diane Court (Ione Skye) and Lloyd Dobler (John Cusack) just graduated from high school, and she’s headed off to England at the end of the summer — but not before the two fall in love.

Needless to say, he won Kat, her soccer team, and all bystanders over and set the bar for public wooing attempts astronomically high. She’s the cloistered valedictorian and he’s a big-hearted dreamer, and neither’s a stereotype. isn’t the story of a nerd getting the pretty girl or any other more typical defying of the high school class system.

The two start dating, though unbeknownst to Matthew, Danielle works as a porn star. What it's about: Matt (Chris O' Donnell at peak hotness) is a good, normal, Seattle kid; Casey (Drew Barrymore) is the '90s version of the Manic Pixie Dream Girl who shows up as the new kid from Chicago and beguiles him, taking them on a whirlwind emotional and physical journey before her mental illness takes over. Moment that made you melt: After taking a blow to the head from a vengeful Amber during a school dodgeball game, Tracy's comforted by Link, who tells her, "lt's not who wins — it's how you play the game" before asking her to go steady. What it's about: Best friends Lena (Alexis Bledel), Tibby (Amber Tamblyn), Bridget (Blake Lively), and Carmen (America Ferrera) find a pair of jeans that magically fit them each perfectly and use them as a way to track their separate journeys over summer break. What it's about: Awkward teen Mia Thermopolis (Anne Hathaway) discovers she's actually heir to the throne of the kingdom of Genovia and also Julie Andrews' granddaughter.

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