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Scaffolding is basically a Code Generation framework.Scaffolding Engine generates basic controllers as well as views for the models using Micrsoft’s T4 template.Most important differences are listed below: If we are 100% sure that we are only going to use say ‘Razor View Engine’, and Web Form View Engine will remain idle/unused all the time, then we can remove the unused View engine by following the below simple steps: This will slightly improve the performance of our ASP. The same approach we can use to add our own custom View Engine.A View Model basically acts as a single model object for multiple domain models, facilitating to have only one optimized object for View to render.NET MVC framework that request coming from client hits controller first.Actually MVC application determines the corresponding controller by using routing rules defined in Also, we can use both routing techniques in a same application. Back to top We (developers) spent most of our time writing code for CRUD operations that is connecting to a database and performing operations like Create, Retrieve, Update and Delete.Microsoft introduces a very powerful feature called Scaffolding that does the job of writing CRUD operations code for us.

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NET MVC is that it separates the input and UI logic from business logic. NET MVC is to contain all application logic including validation, business and data access logic except view i.e. Model is normally responsible for accessing data from some persistent medium like database and manipulate it, so you can expect that interviewer can ask questions on database access topics here along with ASP. Back to top If we need to apply some specific logic before or after action methods, we use action filters.Back to top We already have discussed about Routing in Question#6 that in ASP. NET MVC5, we can use attributes to define routes giving better control over the URIs.NET MVC, we use friendly URLs that are mapped to controller’s actions instead of physical files as in case of ASP. We can easily define routes with Controller’s action methods as follows: Note: Remember that conventional routing approach is not discarded, it’s still there and fully functional.Most of the developers are familiar with Web Forms View Engine (ASPX) and Razor View Engine.

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Note: For a detailed comparison between Web Form View Engine and Razor View Engine, please follow here.For example, There are few View Engines available for ASP.