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Due to his short-temper and stubbornness, Yuma is easily annoyed, and frequently clashes with Astral.Yuma tends to disobey Astral's instructions when they Duel, which leads to him making mistakes.After being victorious in the World Duel Carnival, Yuma became the Duel Champion of Heartland City.

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During his mission to save Astral, when he confronted the will of Astral World, Eliphas, and his Double-Rank Up monsters and multiple Shining Draws, through using "Rainbow Kuriboh", gaining the ability to perform his own Shining Draw to create "Rank-Down-Magic Numeron Force" and "Number 39: Utopia Roots", managed to turn his Double Rank-Up strategy against him and emerged victorious.

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Other accessories includes a brown fingerless glove on his left hand, a black protective pad on his right elbow and a thick, dark blue bracelet with light blue gems and red outlines on his right wrist.

When in his school attire, he wears a white shirt with red-lined sleeves and collar, a red tie, blue pants and brown shoes.

Yuma believes Duelists cannot be bad people and believes a Duel to be a clash of souls.