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-name '*.aud' -exec rm \; Clear out records in dba_audit_trail (audit connects) older than 30 days: sqlplus / as sysdba delete from sys.aud$ where ntimestamp# sqlplus / as sysdba !

exp general/rs396240 file=outp_tables=guroutp,guboutp Ran fk_enable_to disable guboutp's foreign key constraint references: @/home/dba_scripts/fk_enable_general guroutp,guboutp disable truncate table general.guroutp; truncate table general.guboutp; Ran fk_enable_to enable guboutp's foreign key constraint references: @/home/dba_scripts/fk_enable_general guroutp,guboutp enable exit See when a particular user logged onto Banner (Oracle) during a certain date (enter user ID and what date), along with whether the user logged off or timed out, the IP address the user was logged on from, and any errors on login (such as wrong password or account locked): sqlplus / as sysdba column username format a11 column "O/S User" format a11 column "Action" format a7 column "IP Address" format a14 column "Error" format a5 set recsep off pagesize 1000 select dat.username,os_username "O/S User", decode(action_name,'LOGOFF BY CLEANUP','CLEANUP',action_name) "Action", substr(comment_text,instr(comment_text,'(HOST=') 6, instr(substr(comment_text,instr(comment_text,'(HOST=')),')')-7) "IP Address", to_char(timestamp,'DD-MON-YY HH24: MI: SS') "Logon", to_char(logoff_time,'HH24: MI: SS') "Logoff", decode(returncode,0,'OK',28000,'Lockd',28001,'Expir',28003,'Verfy',28007,'Reuse', 1045,'No INB',1017,decode(nvl(du.username,'~'),'~','User? '),to_char(returncode)) "Error" from dba_audit_trail dat left outer join dba_users du on dat.username = du.username where dat.username = upper('&userid') and trunc(timestamp) = '&whatdate' and os_username = 'SYSTEM' order by timestamp; exit; Bring up Application Server on Datastor: Click on HTTP_Server Click on Administration Click on PL/SQL Properties Click on Create under DADs Select General. On Create DAD: Database Connection screen, enter the following: DAD Name or Location: /pls/theserver_surv1 Username: surv Password: surv Connect String: SURV1 Connect String Format: SIDFormat (host:port: SID) NLS Language: AMERICAN_AMERICA. On Create DAD: Document, Alias and Session, select the following: Session State Management: Stateless-Reset Package State Click OK button.

My Powerpoint presentation from the Co HEsion (SETA) Nashville 2013 conference shows how to do this. There has been a lot of nervousness about upgrading to Web Logic and Fusion Middleware. It took me about a month and a half to pour through all of those documents and to install Web Logic and Fusion Middleware on a clean Linux server.

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How about restoring your database quickly if it becomes corrupted or if data is accidentally deleted? if you don't want to bother with the intricacies of RMAN, I even have scripts to back up one or all of your databases on a server, either fully or incrementally, and to clone your database from an RMAN backup.

This page shows you step-by-step how to bulletproof your database as much as possible against data loss, gives you the what's and how's of database backups and restores, and takes you through disaster recovery scenarios if you encounter those heart-stopping Oracle errors on database startup, such as datafile corruption or loss, disk drive loss, and other nasties.