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The collection of secondary literature about Fromm comprises papers previously published in the “ Yearbooks of the Erich Fromm Society“ or that were printed in the “ Fromm Forum”. Garfinkel demonstrates why common understandings cannot possibly consist of a measured amount of shared agreement among persons on certain topics.

In many matters we can understand each other in a conversation although we don’t mention the specific matters.

Man must be reinstituted in his supreme place in society - never a means, never a thing to be used by others or by himself.” [1962] Erich Fromm’s Humanist Credo (German version) In: Erich Fromm [1962] Beyond the Chains of Illusions New York: Simon and Schuster, pp. But freedom is more thant the absense of violent oppression. It is ‘freedom to’ - the freedom to become independent; the freedom to be much, rather than to have much, or to use things and people.” Internationale Erich Fromm Gesellschaft A site from Germany that includes a biography, a bibliography, online reading, and a Fromm forum.

Some of the articles are original writings by Fromm some of which were published here for the first time. Mc Laughlin, Neil [1999] (Department of Sociology, Mc Master University, Canada) Origin Myths in the Social Sciences: Fromm, the Frankfurt School and the Emergence of Critical Theory Canadian Journal of Sociology 24(1): 109-39.

[1976] Bio-history and bio-politics In: Foucault Studies, 18: 128-130 (October 2014] This essay was first published in Le Monde (17-18 October, 1976), and is translated by Richard A. Foucault clarifies the issue of commitment and structuralism but also illustrates the exercise of power onf the way of speaking.

Salt Lake City: University of Utah Press, 1981 [1984] History of Sexuality Vol. It was originally published in Portuguese translation as “ Crisis de un modelo en la medicina?

Translated in English he says: “ Everyone says Beckett is a reduction of tecnique to the extreme, I said that myself and it is nothing special about it to say that. These humans that lost their ‘ I’ - they are the products of the world they live in.”[2004] Adorno’s concept of dialectics - a paradigm for the present? The standardization and interchangeability of culture products under late capitalism leads to the interchangeability of persons in the audience. [1979] Naissance de la biopolitique - résumé du cours au Collège de France In: Annuaire du Collège de France, 79e année, Histoire des systèmes de pensée, année 1978-1979; Dit et écrits. Aux origines de l’hôpital moderne (Brussels: Pierre Mardaga, 1979), 7-18, It is translated by Richard A. The true nature of both terms is rarely expressed or allowed to speak, and frequently one forms part of the other.

But this reduction is what the world makes out of us, to talk with Karl Kraus. Stylization has its counterpart, the pseudo-individualization of the culture product and members of the audience. Unreason is defined as ’reason dazzled’ or confused in the period of confinement.

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Adorno speaks in a TV talk show about the plays of Beckett and the necessary reduction of the plays because of blunted human beings and deformed subjects. In these writings, Adorno has provided a theory of the nature of the culture product and its valuation. This essay was first published in Les Machines à guérir. See: Jean Khalfa Madness, the absence of an œuvre, pp. Original Publication: Histoire de la folie à l’âge classique (Gallimard, 1972) Foucault explores the changing relationship between madness and unreason.Both stylization and pseudo-individualization contribute to the possibilities of mass marketing. In the modern period, however, unreason is pushed further beneath the surface of society, and is understandable only through certain artists; madness on the other hand, becomes mental illness, and is treated and controlled by medical and psychiatric practices.

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