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25-Mar-2019 11:25

A new research study could have a significant impact on the millions diagnosed with schizophrenia or ...Understanding bipolar swinburne Bipolar disorder - as the name implies - involves two distinct set of symptoms.Depressed people are typically unaffected by happy moment.

They no longer enjoy the things they used to do and may become withdrawn, hopeless and overwhelmed.If severe Unipolar Depression goes untreated, it can result in suicide, lost relationships and lost jobs.Patients may miss work and family events, and lack the motivation to participate in activities they used to find pleasurable.2,747 men died of natural causes and 1,372 died of unnatural causes.

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Of 4,902 women with unipolar disorder, 1,428 died of cardiovascular causes, 993 died as a result of suicide, and 830 died from cancer.Patients who suffer from Unipolar Disorder are true to its name in that they only have symptoms at one end of the spectrum (the low end).

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