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17-Apr-2019 13:34

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The facial expressions alone are enough to keep you in stitches but pugs have bags of personality and are very kind, gentle and loving.

They will follow you everywhere — I mean everywhere. This is Don — or Il Duce, El Capo — whatever you want to call him.

The many things that I have experienced and my recent loss — are some of the things that have tested me and make me who I am today. I miss the simple acts of companionship and sharing — that are so much more important than things of superficial value: Doing things together we love. I miss sharing things that may seem simple or uncomplicated — but they are some of the most important things I miss — not about my wife, but that are missing in my new and altered life.

That’s not the reason I sent the bottles on their journey. So after reading that article and feeling sorry for myself, I decided to do something about it.

It’s going to be a wonderful holiday so I don’t have expectations that this will lead somewhere or that it has to have a romantic conclusion.

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I know that there is not a clear dividing line between losing someone and then suddenly becoming ‘better’ or that you have somehow, now ‘gotten over it’ — it’s much more complicated in reality and in some ways, there are parts of missing that person you will simply never get over, they just become a part of you over time. I miss getting dressed up to go out for a special meal with someone.

Caring for my wife as she died and grieving for her is something I’ve been keeping notes on and writing about for 18 months now. She’s pretty special, you can tell (hey, I’m biased — it’s the best thing I’ve ever helped to make in my life).