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Half the reason I stay is because I have nowhere to go and no money of my own. My husband said if he ever found out I had cheated he wouldn’t kill me - but he would make sure I would spend the rest of my life in hospital. Naomi One woman told me how her husband ‘smashed the baby’s crib into a million pieces’ when she was pregnant with their first child, ‘shouted and screamed abuse’ over the years and ‘made our family life a misery so that I don’t remember any happy times’.And clearly I can’t just swan off to somewhere hundreds of miles away with a stranger. Well, given all you have told me about your husband (and I had to cut some of your letter out - like the fact that he made you have sex just after a caesarean) I’m just surprised you didn’t run away years ago. Your son cowers when your husband shouts, you are truly terrified of him finding out about your relationship with this man, and it’s obvious to an outsider that you have to leave. I left my first wife after seven years for a girl I thought was the love of my life - it is the only time I have ever cheated on someone. scared me, I thought I was going overboard but thank God . this side is still holding, this side is broke off . when you are on Carnival Cruise Lines, or any cruise line really, just check the rails . The Good Samaritan passenger indicated on his Facebook page that he was going to alert the crew of the dangerous condition of the railing and would provide an update . So, thank you for your service, and thank you for pointing out this hazard!

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lean on the rail and find out that the rail was broken . it moved about this far (pointing) when I lean on it . He totally went for me, saying I’d humiliated him in front of his friends.