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09-Mar-2019 17:03

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That's not a huge audience though and in doing so we will scare away... But if we go full Cute Panda Town on this game then we have the potential of attracting a much larger crowd, but then the Drop7 people might never even touch it. (But since you asked: I was thinking two websites, two trailers, but they both pointed at the same app. BUT i do pretty strongly believe this game should have one voice/look/feel/brand. i DO really like the arrows, at first i didn't it's a high level skill to be able to push one out of the grid. i GUESSSSSS the thing i'm trying to say is that "what if it was justs threes and holes? like you try and go to the last possible moment with getting that hole up to like a 20x and then you eat that 100 three and BLAMO! sooooo that kind of risk/reward dealio could elminate the need for something like walls that generally brings the game to a close. "you torture a monster until he's as starving as you can get thne you feed him the biggest chunk of food you possibly can." it's not super brief or anything, but it's kinda more "special". It's super clear and metaphorically sound if we go the pure argyle route.… continue reading »

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