Calculating and validating nmea checksums Free jamaica sex chat without signing up

11-Jun-2019 04:24

$PTNL, GGK,172814.00,071296,3723.46587704, N,12202.26957864, W,3,06,1.7, EHT-6.777, M*48 $GPGGA,072840.20,5352.726971, N,00842.847935, E,0,00,1.0,00065.000, M,00000.000, M,0.00,*4D $HEHDT,226.2, T*2B $INGGA,120000.045,4928.46282, N,00008.01717, E,4,00,1.0,55.14, M,,,2.0,0001*34 $INGST,120000.045,,0.7,0.6,88.1,0.7,0.7,0.7*6C $INGSA, A,3,1,3,5,7,9,11,13,15,,,,,1.1,2.2,3.3 $INHDT,52.7, T*15 $GPGGA,104101.07,5149.695871, N,00443.244094, E,19,06,2,13.864, M,47.176, M,1.0,0001 $PDAS, QUAL,0.018,0.018,0.023,5 $GLL,0447.01472, S,01151.07695, E,05, D,9, ID1 $HCHDM,162.3, M*2F It is not advised to change the options if you do not understand the impact of the changes.

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Right now 10,000 iterations is the recommended default which takes 100ms on a 2.2Ghz Core 2 Duo.

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You may also check out all available functions/classes of the module length: raise Value Error("Fewer input bytes than requested output") # Split `bytes` into `target` segments.

seg_size = length // target segments = [bytes[i * seg_size:(i 1) * seg_size] for i in range(target)] # Catch any left-over bytes in the last segment.

segments[-1].extend(bytes[target * seg_size:]) # Use a simple XOR checksum-like function for compression.The # former uses the randomly generated key, while the latter uses the # well-known key.