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19-Mar-2019 21:56

I've already blogged before about how to build a which registers the assemblies on the . But this time I'm focusing on the installer itself.A Cab file is the default setup format for Windows CE and Windows Mobile devices (similar to windows files).As you can see, due to the automatic dependencies detection, we don't need to add and press OK. You need to create the path key by key, and the add the string value on the right panel.And rename it to "Device Cool App" This will be the application shortcut on the Programs group on the smart device after installation. Name it "Version" and then, select it, and enter "1.0" into the Value field on the Properties Window And *voila* the folder.To try out pre-release features, you should download the Visual Studio 2017 Preview installer, which will offer the option to install Preview versions of Visual Studio side-by-side (Sx S) with the stable (Release) version.

If you want to install the integrated tools, rerun the Measurement Studio installer.

Now, I recommend we change the project properties to get a *nice* product installation.

Set the Manufacturer (Mobile Practices) and Product Name (Device Cool App) as follows: It's time to add Device Cool (the Device Cool App project output) to the CAB Project.

Right click on Device Cool App Installer - Add - Project Output...

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Select Device Cool App on the Project selector, and Primary Output as follows, and press OK.We are ready to ship our application and distributing it.

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