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Hunter education courses are held throughout the state. More information about the registration process is available here.Children must be at least 9 years old to take the hunter education course.Persons under 12 years old, who have passed a hunter education course, may hunt small game and furbearers without being accompanied by an adult.The Annual Youth Hunting license authorizes the holder to hunt all small game species and migratory bird species.One adult cannot accompany more than two hunters under 12 years old at the same time.Persons new to hunting who have not taken the hunter education course may buy a one-time temporary hunter education exemption permit online for .

Hunter education cards issued by other states are valid in Kentucky.Persons who take or attempt to take game are considered hunters and therefore subject to licensing requirements.Unless license exempt, hunters must obtain and carry while in the field proof that they have met the license requirements for the kind of hunting they are doing.Each hunter must have his or her own license or permit.

Paper licenses and permits must be signed and the hunter information portion (signature, address, eye and hair color, sex, height and weight) completed before going afield.The Youth Turkey Permit allows the hunter to harvest one turkey.