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Located at the western end of the Centre, Gallery M provides the Centre's 'visual arts' focus The Gallery is a premium visual arts venue providing an ideal setting for both local and touring art exhibitions.It is a versatile exhibition space catering for visual arts exhibitions presented by individual artists, groups and community projects alike.The game has 4 modes: Sorter (match words to a pattern), Labeler (spell words one letter at a time), Word Train (chain words that have one different letter), and Matchup (match pictures to words).This is about as educational of a game as you can get. is an adventure game that takes you on a scavenger hunt up the eponymous mountain, but in order to collect all of the necessary treasures, you’ll have to provide answers to games related to reading, math, and logic. They truly instilled within me a sense of wonder and appreciation for language, math, and science.Classrooms and textbooks have always been boring to me, but shift the education into game form and I’ll absorb every last ounce (and still be hungry for more).

Carmen is the very last case, and obviously the toughest.Somehow this game managed to snake its way across the United States and become one of the most beloved games along both coasts.Simply put, it’s “coolness” factor is entirely unmatched.The Marion Cultural Centre, proudly operated by the City of Marion, is a five minute drive from Adelaide’s picturesque coastline and only twenty minutes from Adelaide’s CBD.

The Centre houses the Domain Theatre, Sturt Room, Green Room, Signatures Café,the outstanding Gallery M with its gift shop and one of the City of Marion’s three libraries.

It also acts as an auxiliary room with doors opening direct to the Domain Theatre.