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11-Apr-2019 02:56

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I reached out to internet hackers, activists, and other victims. Charlotte Laws, a renowned cyber harassment and revenge porn activist, who referred to cyber harassment as “the new frontier for women and feminists.” Known as the “Erin Brokovich of revenge porn,” she began fighting cyber harassment in 2012, after her daughter’s computer was hacked and a personal photo was posted on a pornographic website.

When we spoke on the phone, she was tough, but stern – the kind of woman you’d always want on your side.

When I tried to politely call it a night, he blocked the door with his body. That night, the man fucked me beneath two rifles hung on his wall in a giant ‘X’ above his bed. Snow outside was piled even higher and the frigid temperatures were well into the negatives, but I walked the two miles home anyway – the smell of blood trailing me the entire way. I didn’t even tell anyone it happened until eight months later, when I tried to love someone new, but cried every time he touched me.

“‘X’ marks the spot,” he whispered as he spread my legs. When I mentioned the assault, he asked why I never reported it. n the United States, cyber harassment laws vary state-by-state.

n November 22, 2016, the two-year anniversary of the day I met my boyfriend, we celebrated by spending the afternoon apartment hunting – searching for a place that would accommodate the life we were beginning to build together. Three more aggressively sexual messages appeared on the screen. “Just delete it.” I took his advice, quickly deleting the messages and blocking the unknown number. Instead, they continued coming from different numbers from different cities all over the country.

After continuing my method of asking each responder for links to the ads, and searching Google for my phone number, I found over a dozen personal ads someone had created, all impersonating me.

Each time I reported a post and had it deleted, another one appeared.