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03-Mar-2019 01:22

And an online dating site is betting that hooking people up — in part based on their credit scores –will score lots of users.

In creating a dating profile, requires users to disclose where they fall in a range of credit scores.

So, if you're worried about how tacky it would look share your impressive credit score on your dating profile, or being judged for hiding yours if it needs some work, Fisher says the caveat to everyone's concerns about financial compatibility is that most people are still invested in determining compatibility along other lines.

Want to make yourself more attractive to a potential mate? Turns out that having a great credit history is sexy to some people.

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At the same time, 77% of women and 61% of men said financial responsibility is a very or extremely important quality in a potential partner — and credit scores were particularly alluring: 58% of online daters deemed having a good credit score more attractive than driving a nice car; 50% found a good credit score more attractive than an impressive job title; and 40% favored a good score over a "physically fit body." (Whatever way "fit" was defined by each individual.)"A credit score is a measure of financial responsibility, which 69% of survey respondents say is a very or extremely important quality when looking for a person to date," the survey report states.In one year, she will graduate with approximately 0,000 in debt.I have no debt thanks to the GI Bill and currently work as an engineer.But even though money rules most of our lives, finances rarely — if understandably — come up early on in our love lives.

That might not be so surprising, given how uncomfortable and stressful it can be to talk about finances even with our closest friends.

For one thing, this study also indicated that millennials are more likely than other age groups to ask to split the bill on a first date, and to discuss financial topics via text and online chat."There are two major trends that I think are going to make people more and more interested in somebody's credit score," Dr. "The first is women piling into the job market in cultures around the world, and the second thing is something I've written about called In the first case, Fisher argues that the rise of women in the workforce and dual-income households has meant that more men can expect to be "financial co-partners, rather than one totally dependent on the other." And, when it comes to "slow love"people delaying marriage and parenthood in greater numbers (if they choose to get married at all) — young adults are coming into their own as independent people more often than they did in the past.