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Comments: I feel the Connemara NAS is getting better (okay, more to my liking). Sure it’s rather oaky, but what a wonderful oakiness. Very different from the 1974, starting with rather big whiffs of fresh mushrooms, fern, moss and balsa wood as well as a little mustard. The whole is much less rounded and honeyed than usual old HPs, and certainly not vanilled. It’s only after you got used to those aromas that you start to detect a honeyed fruitiness, with some dates, dried pineapple and honeydew, a combination that gives it a wee old rum-alike profile. With water: gets a little simpler but more ‘focused’ on the usual HP notes, heather honey, figs, nectar, beeswax, oranges, sea air and just hints of peat. Comments: I think this one is (well, was) a good example of what ‘good’ oak can do to a fine distillate.

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Comments: I didn’t like the nose too much, but the palate was most pleasant. Not that it’s flawed, not at all, but you have to like what we call ‘civet’ notes (or ‘old nun who neglects herself’ – yes that’s a true expression we sometimes use in wine tasting in France… A little rounder than the others, a bit more candied or so it seems, a little more leathery and spicy, with smoked pears… With water: now it’s really excellent, with a great earthiness, roots (is that terroir speaking? Frankly, I think sponsoring or organising gigs is an excellent move, especially with jazz. Now, action whisky is a new concept that could be most appealing. Radioactive whisky to protest against nuclear weapons, black whisky against starvation in Africa or ultra-premiumised bottlings to protest against ultra-liberalism gone mad... I think the best way to assess it is to try it alongside the well-known 10yo ‘Original’, here in a very recent version. With water: once again, water works greatly even if it does bring out more ‘new-oakish’ notes of sweet vanilla and ginger. I also remember that Glenfarclas used to stick a nice mini-CD of Scottish rock and roll to some of their bottles ten years ago or so… May we expect some free i Tunes downloads on some bottles soon? This is the brand new ‘Orcadian’ expression but it’s a fairly large bottling, whilst there were only 290 bottles of the 1964 that I absolutely adored (WF94). Really beautiful now – sometimes simplicity is great!By the way, a friend just told me that even if my nose was clogged, I could still comment on some whiskies’ palates. Apple juice and ginger, porridge, liquorice allsorts. Please start to breathe again after, say 30 seconds. As the excellent people at The Whisky Exchange have noticed, this 1968 vintage came in at just over half the price of a miniature of the officially bottled Macallan 1968 at 46.6%. Many fruits such as oranges and tangerines, fruity apples (large red ones, for example), various honeys, flowers from the fields, syrups and liqueurs, bananas… Many fruits, strawberries, ripe apples, gooseberries, apricots, peaches… Finish: surprisingly long, on the same notes plus touches of liquorice, ginger and nutmeg. Not a single malt despite what some web sites said. Nose: rather more oak influence, coffee and vanilla, grass, broken branches, marzipan and overripe apples in the background.

Comments: I’m a fan of these old Speymalt Macallans! Mouth: not too far from the Redbreast, only with more oak and more grass. The whole is a tad strange and not very ‘Macallan’. There are fruits that are similar to the 1968’s but also some ‘twisted’ notes that must come from the rum. There’s even a kind of peatiness, I don’t know where it comes from. Comments: easy, I like it better than many Scotch blends.

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