Dating and relationship advice for gay men

24-Apr-2019 19:45

This is stuff that is genetically INGRAINED in him.

How can he be this independent person when there’s a woman beside him ordering him around and pushing commitment onto him?

Remember, men need to feel in control and independent.

His vision of being a man is to be strong, independent, brave and a provider for his family.

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to go behind your back, lie and keep things from you. He needs to feel trusted enough by his woman that he can go off and enjoy time away from her. This sense of power gives her security because if he is willing to stay with her, it means he truly loves her and won’t leave her. Women temporarily “forget” that a man is meant to be a man.

When he can’t, he will go blank, block it out or retreat to some place “nicer” and you will lose him.

This is when you get mad at your man and you’re nagging at him but he starts to go off in his own world.

If he feels his identity is stripped from him and he lacks freedom to do what he enjoys, then he is going to feel trapped and caged like an animal.

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And you know what caged animals eventually want to do? The more you put restrictions on a man, tell him what he can and can’t do, how much time he can do this and how much of something he can have, the more pinned down he is going to feel.The latter example really comes back to a lack of understanding of the male species.