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He was introduced during the Festival of Love of 2009, and has since made appearances during each subsequent, yearly event.

Players attempt to locate him and give him a bundled pack of love cards or Chak Hearts. The name Kyoopid appeared to be a reference to Cupid of Valentine's Day.

Will respawn in another hour at a random location at one of the 3 cities.i'll give it a yay, ALTHOUGH : the last part is copy-pasted from the forums, so might have been nice to give credit to that then.

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quest - ewok child wp -5171 -2560 1st don't bother getting the love cards just pick them up as you go tho the quests you can only use 1 set a day (7 in 1 set) you will get 2nd badge for the love fest and 3 chak harts quest - disciple of blaire wp -5187 -2565 the pet lover blaire wp -5289 -2943 dr schill (aka mr love) wp -5570 -2650 pet lover wp -5060 -2625 find peaches wp -4975 -2360 wp -5300 -5280 wp -5630 -2760 blaire wp -5289 -2943 love struck man wp -5410 -2717 the response is love to everything blaire wp -5289 -2943 dr schill (aka mr love) wp -5570 -2650 drum wp -5298 -2491 radial-tap code when mister hate attacks you /love then /conn with him blaire wp -5289 -2943 you now have an ewok familiar modify aggro by -2.00% and you 1st ewok badge and 6 chak harts quest - playing cupid wp-5187 -2557 this is a pain when you get the quest in your data pad will be a hart use it a timer will start for 24hrs now ask the npc what is important to it it will give you 5 responses make a note of the words in pink do not store it or use your bike now in the city you are will be npc's with packeges on there heads you need to find the ONE that yours is like if you get it wrong you will have a 15 min rejected timer after you have done this 8 times (8 day min )you get a badge a macro to help with the next part /tar kyoopid /pause .5 /m targetkyoopid then drive round tyrena kaddara and the ewok village you do dave enuff time do do all 3 this part is copy and paste i found it as i was completing the rest of the quests thx to ... He will ask you if you wish to honor the Festival of Love. He will then ask you how you wish to honor the Festival of Love.

_id=843218 herald of kyoopid wp-5172 -2555 he Disciple of Kyoopid does not actually give a quest as much as inform you that you should find Kyoopid. Will you give up 2 Chak Hearts or give up a Bundle of the Ewok Festival of Love Cards (same cards gathered for the Ewok Child).

Kyoopid was just like any other Ewok, except that he dyed his fur and wore wings with magical properties.

These wings kept him afloat, in a similar fashion to that of Toydarians.

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