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03-May-2019 12:44

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Although it is now (in contrast to some years ago) possible to say openly you are against immigration and you're against the political islam, there is still a taboo on the issue of race.

"Immigrants should adopt to our customs, should speak Dutch", etcetara, now seems to be the consensus.

If they take the risk to become a race-traitor, instead of being proud and honoured to build together on the White heritage, it's also their problem.

But they have to bear the consequences themselves: I feel no sorry for them. In the end most of them do understand that they were wrong. I think both reactions will occur, although it is - I guess - illegal to openly protest this kind of relationships.

Unfortunately, the non-whites already make up a very large part of the population of the large urban conglomerate in the West of the Netherlands (this conglomerate, composed of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht and a number of smaller towns, is often referred to as the "Randstad").

It is estimated that about 60& (s i x t y percent, this is not a typo) of the children in the large cities are of non-western ethnicity.

Until a few years ago, the media didn't really address this matter, but of course it could not be silenced forever, and the last years the media have chosen to present the multi-ethnic society as an accomplished fact.

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There differences between the whites in Europe, are greater then in the States.So, it is fairly obvious that 'Hispanics' are not White like say an Italian, Spainard, Norwegian, Pole.

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