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The biblical political teaching as manifest in the Jewish political tradition is an important political teaching for Jews and non-Jews alike and has been so recognized throughout the Western world.

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Mesopotamian and West Semitic covenants were designed to limit previously independent entities by making them vassals, regulating their external behavior but leaving their internal life alone.The first covenants of which we are aware were vassal treaties between ancient West Asian (Near Eastern) rulers.Indeed, modern scholars have traced the covenant idea to those treaties and have shown how the classic biblical covenants parallel them in style and structure.In other words, the covenant relationship is to social and political life what Buber's I-Thou relationship is to personal life.

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Through covenants humans and their institutions are enabled to enter into dialogue and are given (or themselves create) a framework for dialogue.I will bring you to the wilderness of the peoples and there will I plead with you face to face.