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In 1997, high-schooler Tim Sweeney came to Pittsburgh to visit his brother John, the host of WRCT show “Hi Fi Breakdown” at the time.

John invited him on as a guest DJ, and two and a half years later he got his own radio show on WNYU Radio the now legendary Beats In Space.

However, Lorraine gradually lost status and territory, especially after the rise of the comtes de Bar to the west of the duchy.

Lorraine was even briefly placed under the suzerainty of Bar during the early years of the 13th century.

Lotharingorum princeps, dux et marchio donated quidquid continetur a rivo de Grimommont usque ad nemus de Granviller et usque ad nemus de Stivay to Saint-Di, at the request of Hugonis de Distorchio, in the presence of suorum filiorum...

Simonis, Theodorici, Gerardi, Henrici, by charter dated According to Poull, Duke Thierry unsuccessfully petitioned the Pope in early 1079 to marry Agns d'Aquitaine, widow of Pierre Comte de Savoie, which if correct means that his first marriage inevitably took place after this, daughter of ROBERT I "Friso" Count of Flanders & his wife Gertrud of Saxony [Billung] (-[1115/26]).

The difficulty is pinpointing the date when "Lotharingia" transformed into "Lorraine".

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This show features new voices traversing experimental club music, rap, Rn B, performance and noise from California, NYC, Barbados, and Pgh.

Her parentage and both her marriages are deduced from the Cartulaire de Saint-Bertin in which is named "Gertrude filia Roberti Frisonis, vidua Henrici Bruselensis" mother of "Theodericum" who is in turn named "filium Theoderici ducis de Helsath".

Pibo Bishop of Toul granted privileges to the monastery of Toul Saint-Lon and named "dux Theodericus et Simon puer eius filius, et frater ducis Gerardus comes et Renardus comes Tillensis" by charter dated . Theodericus..Lotharingi et marchio, after fili me Frounica..Hara became nuns Frounica in Romarico-monte et Hara in Buxeriis, donated property to Bouxires by charter dated [misdated] (-after ).

A significant increase in the number of marriages into French comital families can be observed from the end of the 13th century.

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However, formal French acquisition of Lorraine territory did not accelerate until the mid-17th century, and the duchy was only finally annexed by the kingdom of France in 1766 after the death of Stanislas Leszczinski Duke of Lorraine, who was the father-in-law of King Louis XV.Simonis, Theodorici, Gerardi, Henrici, by charter dated Theodoricus...