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“It’s not close-minded, it’s just one-track minded — ‘This is what the truth is and this is what you have to do to live a good life and be with the Heavenly Father again.’ ” As for Hollywood’s excessive drinking and illegal drugs, Hough has a healthy take on the temptations which have been the downfall of young actors like “Glee” star Cory Monteith, who died in July from a mixture of heroin and alcohol.“If I do go out and party, I want to remember and say afterward, ‘That was the best night,’ rather than have no memory of the whole thing.Hough has three older sisters as well as her famous pro-dancer brother, Derek, 28.In the past, Hough has revealed that her disciplinarian dad allowed her to move to LA when she was 18, stating one condition: “Don’t do Maxim.” Later, he wouldn’t stay at her home while she cohabited with the 38-year-old Seacrest.

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And even if she’s no longer a churchgoer, there is still one holy father she keeps on speed dial.