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31-Mar-2019 14:22

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Men fall for her in their droves, yet she always ends up single again.If we believe Molloy’s thesis, Cameron’s just too sexy — on some deep, evolutionary level, the men she dates don’t believe she’ll stick around.Experts say this is common when couples live together.According to Dr Joel Block, psychologist and author of the book The Real Reasons Men Commit, women need to be wary of serial co-habiters.‘I lived with Mark for a year and then I told him I wanted to get married.

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The sister-in-law to the future King of England possesses an undeniable sex appeal, not to mention perhaps the most lusted-after derriere in the world.

‘Men don’t look for very sexy wives, because — at a very basic animal level — they want to be sure the children they are raising are their own,’ explains psychologist Dr Jane Mc Cartney, an expert in human behaviour and relationships.