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25-Jun-2019 19:51

Thinking something was up or something bad had happened.

When I arrived at her house I was let inside and I started to poke my head around different rooms to find her.

Do high budget anime look better than low budget ones?

In the last few years, there seems to be a article of belief in some anime forums that budgets don'...― I've long pointed to Elfen Lied as having the most explicit and polarizing opening scene of any anime series I've seen, but it may have found a worthy challenger in this light novel adaptation from the fall 2017 season.

It reads like a dispatch from the pages of Godzilla, who was a fictional metaphor for nuclear weapons, wreaking destruction with a blast of radiation from his mouth: the world's most populated metropolis is threatened with fallout from an out-of-control nuclear power plant.You sat down across from her, "I-I was also w-wondering if you'd l-like to stay over s-since my Grandpa is o-out of town..." She stammered, blushing slightly harder then before.