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29-Jun-2019 12:29

I’d say don’t meet at your home because you could be in danger afterwards.’ On April 16, Craig said: ‘Hi Penny, how are you and the little one?

x’ Ten days later, after receiving no reply, he messaged Penny saying: ‘Have a good night tomorrow rave it up lol xx.

Come on’ Still, after receiving no reply, he persisted on Sunday, April 30, in the middle of the night. And i did not mean to call you either im not that obsessed but hope for us to hit a night soon.’ Penny then replied saying: ‘Seriously it’s 3 in the morning and you call and woke me and my daughter up, not impressed stop messaging me!

’ At first, Craig said he was ‘sorry’ but then said: ‘Your a complete d****d anyway real game player your a c**t pathetic waste of a decent blokes time oh and also fk you your horrible pof anyone from there is a pure wrongen your one of them goodbye for good.

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Plenty Of Fish tells you how many are online – rarely under 500,000 – and will break it down further into My Matches, My City and other categories.’ In response, the mum-of-one, from Sittingbourne, Kent, created a funny dating bio for her ‘cyber-stalker’ to warn other women about online harassment. Craig is a bright, young, aspiring individual, with bags of charisma.