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This includes hapas of part-Filipino ancestry, who make up 22 percent of the Filipino American population -- the third-highest rate among major APA groups (behind Native Hawaiians and Japanese). Amid promises of monetary success, young displaced male Filipinos with minimal educations and bleak economic futures readily chose to immigrate to the United States -- especially since their status as American nationals after the Spanish- American War made it easy to do so.

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The relatively young and middle-aged population and increasing educational attainment levels also indicates that second and third generation Filipino Americans will possess greater employment and earnings opportunities than their parents. Suggested reference: Dela Cruz, Melany and Pauline Agbayani-Siewart. Although Philippine President Arroyo was among the very first heads of state to declare support for the anti-terrorist war declared by the Bush administration, no protections have been offered to prevent innocent Filipinos from being victims of racial profiling, interrogation, and selective deportation.The upsurge in deportations may partly explain the decrease in foreign-born Filipinos from 1998 to the present.Recently, Filipino school teachers are also in demand, although in most cases, they must pay their own way to America and fork over application and processing fees; teacher-strapped school districts are enjoying a free lunch in this regard.

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As a result, many Filipinos occupy low- wage and middle-wage sector jobs that offer very little opportunity to advance up a higher-paying career ladder.Within a few years, less than a tenth of the Filipino immigrants were laborers; two-thirds were professional and technical workers.

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