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The Balamon Cham are one of only two surviving non-Indic indigenous Hindu peoples in the world, with a culture dating back thousands of years. Between the 2nd and the 15th centuries, Champa at times included the modern provinces of Quảng Nam, Quảng Ngãi, Bình Định, Phú Yên, Khánh Hòa, Ninh Thuận, and Bình Thuận.

Though Cham territory included the mountainous zones west of the coastal plain and (at times) extended into present-day Laos, for the most part, the Cham remained a seafaring people dedicated to trade, and maintained few settlements of any size away from the coast.

This Cham head of Shiva was made of electrum around 800.

It decorated a kosa, or metal sleeve fitted to a liṅgam.

Today, some Cham people adhere to Islamic faith, a conversion which was started in 15th century; they are called Bani Cham.

There are, however, Balamon Cham (from Sanskrit: Brahman) who still retain and preserve their Hindu faith, rituals, and festivals.

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The Dua lived in Amravati and Vijaya, while the Cau lived in Kauthara and Panduranga.However, scholarly views on the precise nature of the Aceh-Chamic relations vary.Around 4th century CE, Champan polities began to absorb much of Indic influences, probably through its neighbour, Funan intermediary.Evidence gathered from linguistic studies around Aceh confirms that a very strong Champan cultural influence existed in Indonesia; this is indicated by the use of the Chamic language Acehnese as the main language in the coastal regions of Aceh.

Linguist believed the Acehnese language as a descendent of Proto-Chamic language, separated from Chamic tongue sometime in the 1st millennium CE.) was a collection of independent Cham polities that extended across the coast of what is today central and southern Vietnam from approximately the 2nd century before being absorbed and annexed by Vietnamese Emperor Minh Mạng in 1832. The Chams of modern Vietnam and Cambodia are the remnants of this former kingdom.

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