Dating waste of money

26-Jul-2019 04:04

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It feels much more catered to the first steps of dating than actually establishing something.

Also, some profiles seem to be created by the company to entice you to stay on.

It doesn't seem like they really care about the users on the site actually finding love.

It feels like they just want your money and put more focus into how they can keep a continuous income from people than actually helping people find a love match they can grow a relationship with.

i joined e H for a lil'while and got myself a subscription which i stopped using after 6 weeks because had mulitiple accounts on several dating sites and found a nice girl on mingle2day. after a while the woman i dated turned out to be a freak and we broke up again. Went back to mingle2day and e H and used both sites simultaneously again.

turns out that there are very interesting members on e H and i already arranged a few dates. There is always a risk of untruthful subscribers BUT I believe it is Eharmony who creates fake connections and communications for you so that you think there are positive outcomes.