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W5 s Wofkl [9S3t/ 2 5] and He^by On nte M^g Mi (9 out of 10 tn Issue 29).

Kewson liso ptarts i Smuhrif 3 6isk cofnplla Uon dt Fir^J*ft« 1h« hig My -reg Of ded Dun Darach |97&/ 1 6) Bf Kl(95\/22|Warsporf, NEW NAME, HALL FOR PCW SHOW THE PO^Show has abandoned L ondon'i Otympii exhibition hall - and opted for a rwne^hinge tc K) How hnowi ad TIm Pmwhu J C o w pi it W Smw, BFTtii'n's tip txhit Ht JQfl tor sofftwatc^ and hiardwafe will be based tt Ejt Is Court, London & biggest othlbltioin etnlre.

And though the graphlca are fine and the Id M igood, these Interplanet Bfy roadways are so long that Roattwa/s soon gata monotonous - thera''B nothing to do but shoot up the same rtastiaa on th» tame tracli again stk I again. vvaicr x-aiu or Huoe Ul-^y uooo - out LXixiii Ljad ^k*Unc J ^ 'V^ — ^m I^J •5S£^ r ^^^^B^^ \ V ' w -■ f '"■'"'j 'J ^^m- "^ j * ^^-tf H**^ « A ■!

" J MIKE L I was enticed to ptay by tiw large, colourful graphical arfd ttwugh Melbourne House has done an admirable job on tfte presentation ard packaging this Spectrunv conversion fails mlaera My. Vou can run over arows to your fire power, but be - trotn a dislance they're eti Hicult to distinguish from the spil^es. - 1 ^^H ^r^^^ ■ y\ ' q ^^^^^^H ^^^^^BV nv^ \ I^Bj '^Y' }^ I'^O'l ■ C ^^ 1 IPI ((A wt "trtr-.,!

And destructw* 0db^ also occupy thetieavenly Nighvrays' or co Histon they can destroy a t^stltesphere with kwered shields.

Jbym L " ift a ahanw the scrolling of ttie tr»clt ism H stnoother, and tt»9re are a tew problems with the battiesphere's movanvenl* - they're responsive, but having four actions (sphere left and right, gun turret left and right) controlled by three keys takes some getting used to.

But to add a li Tlie zest lo the life ot the tot droid craft, known as Battiespheres.

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But if you take out loo many of the paneis you 'II go o H the Roadway yourself.ructed (bul menl sihf demanding} r&petitive quit game Presentaliofv 60% Graphics 50% Playability 39% Addictive qualities 37% OVERALL 37% IWNT MISS ISSUE 4 OF PA6ES OF THE LATEST GAMES REVIEWS FOR AMIGA, ATARI ST, COMMODORE 64/1 28, SPECTRUM 48/128, AMSTRAD CPC/PGW, SEGA CONSOLE and PC COMPATIBLES ON SALE NOW - THE PERFECT COMPLEMENT TO YOUR MONTHLY CRASHI THE BIGGEST EXCLUSIVE OF OUR TIME - AT LAST THE F«» THE Bni WE STORY A mammotti owotii featuring interviews witti the people who i M«re Ultimate. J MARK L " Uke moat b«ni* simulatierit, PHM Pe$asu» demands a thorough read Of Itie technical manual - SO it $houiil appeal to strategy buff^, if not 50 much to at r ai g Htforward lappera. with Ihe various diets wm J metefs ctear and wetl awl oul, arvdi Ihe binocular view ol enefny ships is effective- " A ^imulaliivi witti a dl Hervnce - tlu&tdme it's ie, Ai the end of each rria S40n the player te d^ven a rank , r»wmg f KHD Deck-Mopper to Adrrtiral T ** N«v«l combat isn't used much In oamiit, Mrtileh maheetttte oas onglrwl and fresh.