Daughter unhappy about father dating

22-Feb-2019 23:50

I thought about watching Ben's cock as he thrust it in and out of Morgan. I wondered how they would feel against Ben's chiseled chest.

"Oh fuck, oh fuck, yes, oh my god you feel so good, I'm sorry mom, oh god, yes, yes, yes." She screamed, "I'm so sorry mom, fuck me, fuck me, I'm cumming." Her whole body shuddered.

In fact the woman he ended up with was probably heavier than me.

They both spent some of their summers with me but they worked and were out. About my daughter's senior year I took stock of myself.

======================= My daughter Morgan had just graduated school and was moving in with me for awhile to figure out what was next.

In retrospect I wish I could say the divorce was all his fault, but it wasn't. We'd both let ourselves go a bit, but that wasn't the issue.

I lay there panting, mad at myself for getting caught up in the situation and being turned on. I threw on a pair of jeans and a top and went downstairs.