Divorce how long before dating

09-Jun-2019 05:02

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In addition to the possible legal implications, dating before your divorce is official raises thorny emotional and psychological issues.

Until your divorce is final, you are technically committing adultery if you enter into a new relationship.

Until 2007, New Jersey lagged behind other states in recognizing no-fault grounds for divorce.

The state is also somewhat unique in that its grounds are called "causes of action" -- at least in the legalese of its divorce complaints and final judgments. Using one usually won't affect property distribution, but it can sometimes affect issues of custody.

If you are still having sexual relations with your spouse as well as your new boyfriend or girlfriend, you risk receiving a disproportionately small share of marital property.

If you give your spouse a sexually transmitted disease, kiss even more property goodbye.

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David and Holly Petraeus don't fit the mold, say, of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver, since Holly Petraeus has not been nearly as prominent as her military-hero-turned-CIA-chief husband of 38 years.However, if you and your spouse have simply "moved on," and the marriage is clearly over for all intents and purposes, some judges might view the relationship as irrelevant.