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In the past, the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church had not much opportunity to expand and propagate the above, noted doctrine and orders of the church inside and outside the nation; this is because of the different circumstances prevailing in the surroundings of the country. Hortatory discourse to believers who desire to walk in the paths of wisdom and knowledge. Hortatory discourse to believers who desire to walk in the paths of wisdom and knowledge. The discourse of the Nicene Fathers on the Holy Trinity. The whole work was afterwards, somewhere in the fourth century, incorporated in the Apostolic Constitutions.

In the past, at present and even in the future either in the church or at the schools what the church uses for educational services was and will not be outside of these books. The Didascalia a document well known in the Christian Church originally composed in Greek probably in the middle of the third century, a discourse on Church life and society.

Nevertheless, the sense of freedom that the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church maintained for centuries being, the torch of freedom to all Africa has enabled Africans to be aware of their freedom. Edited by Aymero W and Joachim M., The Ethiopian Orthodox Church, published by the Ethiopian Orthodox mission, Addis Ababa 1970.

Henceforth, she was unable to raise her apostolic voice louder among her African brothers and sisters. On the ancient people and a refutation of the Jews. Briefly the contents of the document are: Questions of morality, the duty of studying the Scriptures and observance of the Seventh Commandment, mutual duties of husband and wife, offices and duties of Christian ministers; the duties of widows; the method of baptism, laymen not to baptize; vows of virginity; the duties of the faithful towards the martyrs; observance of Christmas, Epiphany, Lent, Holy week and method of calculating the date of Easter; warning against heresy; respect to be shown to the faithful departed; prayers to be used on specified and unspecified occasions. Source A short history, faith and order of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church, published by the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church Holy Synod, Addis Ababa 1983.

It includes the book of Enoch, Baruch, and the third and fourth Esdras. - Severious of Asmunage – a collection of twelve exegetical works, which prove the teaching concerning God.

Didascalia The Ethiopic version of the Old and New Testament was made from the Septuagint.

The Ethiopian Orthodox Church had no other choice but to defend on and preserve all here Christian legacy. The Ethiopia Didascalia contains the first seven books of the Apostolic Constitutions and it represents a form intermediate between the shorter Syriac Didascalia and the complete work of Apostolic Constitutions.

Because of the advent of European Colonialism upon its neighboring African countries and the great monetary support that other religious groups received to convert Africans. It has Latin, Arabic and Syriac versions, which differ among themselves and from the Ethiopic version with regard to the subject matter.

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The word of God is not contained in the Bible alone, it is to be found in tradition as well. CANON LAW The canons, regulations of Christian instruction and worship of the Ethiopian Church, are contained in the Sinodos and Didascalia, two compilations of ancient church canons, dating from the second period of Ethiopic literature. In this 20th century, the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Church is conducting many apostolic missions – that is organizing church councils and founding clergy training programs within the country; and carrying on her apostolic missionary activities. Books on Church administration and on counseling - A big book on the Synod of the Apostles in four parts - The Didache and Abthulis - The book on the Synod of Nicea - The book on the Synod of Galatia - The book on the Synod of Antioch - The book on the Synod of Lethokia - The book on the Synod of Kerthica - The book on the Synod of Esrskousia - The book on the Synod of Srethia - The book of Fetha Negast - Spiritual Medicine (Fewse Menfsawi) - Exegesis on the meeting of clergy (Tikbe Kahenat) 4.

But books, which should be considered for higher education and could be prepared carefully in order to suit modern thinking, are the following. Theological books such as the following - Haymanote Abew or the Faith of the Fathers in which other writings of the Apostolic Fathers and also of the Eastern Orthodox Church fathers are to be found. - The book of the Sacrament of Matrimony (Metsehafe Teklil) - The book of Baptism - The book of Ordination - The book of Covenant - The prayer book for the dead - The prayer book of the Incense - The book of Canon - The prayer book of purification 3.

The Sacred Scriptures are the written word of God who is the author of the Old and New Testaments containing nothing but perfect truth in faith and morals.