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The Itasca park and forestry amendments were particularly objectionable to Mr. Committees of conference have been named by both the house and senate. This is not because they take any pleasure in seeing their fellow citizens fall victims to epidemics, or that thev do not observe with regret an in- crease in the death rate, but it is due to absolute carelessness. This may be a late spring, but the leg- islature has adjourned and we can be thankful for that. To thoroughly appreciate and understand the particu- lar beauty and grandeur of his marvel- lous work undoubtedly requires a culti- vated musical taste but to anyone of ordinary musical intelligence his wonder- ful ability cannot but be apparent. Adverti Bementfi in this column ONE CENT A WORD EACH INSEKTIO. Paul, April Is.— (Special to The Herald.]— The house refused to concur this morning in the senate amendments to the omnibus appropriation bill. City authorities are, as a rule, carekss in this respect. Call and inspect our heavy assortment of samples and be convinced. The expulsion from a South Carolina church of a telephone girl who was ob- liged to work on Sunday reminds the world that the Pharisees are not all dead. No one who heard Clarence Eddy, the organist, at the First Methodist church last evening could be unconscious of the fact that a master in every sense of the wo»'d, was at the organ. No advertisciiients taken for these colamus till fwrbid, i. The Legislature Is a Wild Scene of Excite- ment and the Members Are Fight- ing Mad. Serious charges were made against Mc Bride by the Populists recently. The Town of Thibideaux, in Louisiana, Struck By a Cyclone and Badly Damaged. In the senate a lot of useless resolu- tions were introduced and took up time. radical measures to correct the evils is imperative. We take precautions to prevent death by accidents and are too often careless and fail to take the precautions against dis- ease. '-Beautiful Shetland Pony" To be given away free without any con- sideration in our children's department. and am now n« ^vnll nwn Byone." ^lis:l KUNA Kvi,ic, Chamlinrlain, ISoul Ii i. The same rule holds good with the Hat, the Cloak, the Gloves, the Veil. You'll find what's to your liking here in any and all of this sea.son's adopted oddi- ties. SO INTEREST CHAEGEDi We have the Largest Stock of Farniture! Smith, Farwell & Steele Co., 222-224 WEST SUPERIOR ST. We also have a process of renovating fine Carpets and Rugs whereby they need not be taken up, and we are the only firm in the city that can do it with a guarantee ol first-class work and no in- jury to the Carpet. Bayha & Co., Proprietors City Carpet Ciea Dinii-it H EAST SUPERIOR STREET. It was amended by the sage so as to apply only to wheat and lost upon a final vote of 27 to 121. — W Weekly,p«c' y T ^-^ LARGEST CI RCDLAT IOH IH DU LDTH' Bntsred a« the pootoffioe at Dolath, Mion., •• eooad-«laa B mail matter. The city owes to its citizens the protection of their lives. I have been using Hood's Sas'sapai^'illa reatuiarlv. A gown of today that is not markedly original in design, is a de- cided failure. and if you have trudged around and fumed and fretted, and have concluded to grow desperate and get most any- thing, don't you do it. They are too quaint and pretty to describe, and they are Low Priced.

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Now 19 the coming time to have your Carpets taken up and cleaned. The house is in a horrible temper, fighting mad, and with eighty-six bills on the calendar and several hundred upon general orders. There is, however, one feature of the case which has not been pre- sented to their attention, and that is the financial loss which every death causes to the community, and the desirability and the necessity of adopting every measure to preserve human life, so far as efficient sanitation can accomplish that result. The labor- ing man is certainly worth more than that now. Taking an average of seventeen states and territories based on the damages recovered from railroad companies for the loss of life through their carelessness, the average value of a, human life is 41. Williams, however, puts the estimate low, and expresses the belief that every death means a loss of 00 to this country. His selections included compo- sitions from Wermanu, Dubois, Dudley Huck, Batiste, Schubert, Hach, Flagler, Lux, Martini, Wagner and Rossini. I have for tvro ye.-ir.s been vt-ry seriously troubled with rhevvnintism, snffcrint; inten;-.o prilin and aches. M failed, until, h.aving heard so much alxnit IIo;vl's fiaraapaiilla, I thought I would try it. The universal spirit of the Nineteenth century is quick to appreciate the value of bright ideas — Hence the rapid growth of the science of invention.

Bill of Donnelly's For Fixing Rates on Coal, Wood and Grain Defeated Today. The Insurance Commissioner of Kansas Has Stepped Out. Senators would object to suspension of the rules and no business could be rushed through on the usual plan. That is always theended for the World's fair the tremendous sum of Si 6,708, 826.48, of which ji 1 4,4 1 1,^06.74 is invested in the buildings at Jackson park.

Senator Leavitt's Bill Providing For An In- heritance Tax Passed and Sent to the Governor. Mc- Bride, state insurance commissioner, tendered his resignation today and Gov- ernor Llewelling appointed J, G. A full investigation adduced no evidence to sustain the charges, but knowing this fact it was generally believed that the governor would find Mc Bride guilty and remove him. Mc Bride, but it was rumored then that; the decision was the result of an agreement by which Mc Biide was to be acquitted on the con- sideration of his immediate resignation. So Far As Reported Fifteen Persons Were Killed Outright and More Than Forty Injured. Blank Books, Ink, Inkstands, Writing Pads, Pencils, Etc. Senator Mott introduced a general road and bridge bill to provide for an appro- pri.'iti(.n of ? The senate during the whole forenoon was occupied with routine matters. The city authorities must IH-rforni their full duty now, or valuable human lives will be sacrificed to carc- lessiicss or incapacity. Contagious diseases, scarlet and typhoid fevers, smalljx)x and, worse than all, cholera start from a center which is favorable to their development. Look us Up On side boards and dining tables, Bloedel & Ebelir.g, 18-20 Lake avenue north. ~Hood'o PIHs euro liver Ills, constipation ti Uiouauesn, Jiuadlce, sick headache, ludlges Uon. This blind search, this uncer- tainty, this desperate shop- ping to find some enigma, some rare exclusive pattern, some oddity of just that re- fined and genteel order de- sired so much.

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