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27-Apr-2019 15:06

“Today’s settlement closes an important chapter on the company’s past and reinforces our commitment to operating with integrity and to building a new future for our members, our team and our company.” Now rebranded as ruby Corp., the company formerly known as Avid Life Media was the subject of a “highly critical”review by Australian government investigators in August.It’s also still enduring multiple legal battles since the massive breach of its database in July 2015 exposed the identities of some32 million users.A sure sign of a debt collection scam is a collector that wants to you to pay via wire transfer or another method that can't be traced.If the payment method can't be traced, you'll have a harder time getting the authorities involved.Half of the settlement will be paid out to the FTC, while the other half goes to states who participated in the settlement.“Today is a pivotal day for our members and for Ashley Madison,” Rob Segal, ruby CEO, said in a statement.If, however, you look up a phone number and receive no results or you see others commenting that the company is a scammer, then you know to avoid sending any payment to that company.

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Businesses often hire third-party debt collectors to pursue past due accounts.You can also check to see if your credit report includes an account for that creditor.

– Beth, Anchorage, Alaska “I am not sure who is responsible, but over the last 12-18 months you cannot watch a sporting event, listen to a sports talk show on radio, or anything on ESPN without someone using this term to attempt to describe an athlete or a contest.” – Dan Beitzel, Perrysburg, Ohio “Every time I hear them say it, I change the channel.” – Brenda Ruffing, Jackson, Mich. News flash: We ALL like food.” – Graydeon De Camp, Elk Rapids, Mich. “It used to have a special significance reserved mainly for fine art and museums. Monthly food and clothing subscription boxes claim to be finely ‘curated.’ Instead of abusing curated, why don’t they say what they really mean: ‘We did an online search and posted the first 25 items we found’ or the ‘curated selection of items in your box this month are a mix of paid placements and products that have failed to sell elsewhere.'” – Samantha Mc Cormick, Kirkland, Wash. I’ve heard Charlie Rose use it, as well as countless numbers of news talking heads, usually for all the wrong reasons. Nobody cares about you.” — David, Lake Mills, Wisc. This common way of describing an automobile collision has now made it from conversation into the news reports.… continue reading »

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A few months ago, I came out as bisexual to my new gay friend.… continue reading »

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What if you could power through in half a minute, and still retain all of the information? (In case you didn’t pick up on this, Nowak’s method is an acronym for his company.) And for more great brain hacks, check out the 8 video games that are scientifically proven to make you smarter.… continue reading »

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