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31-May-2019 02:38

What we think: If you need to connect to the internet on the go, then a 3G or 4G i Pad is a must.

But if you plan to mostly use your tablet at home or work where you have a stable wi-fi connection, then a wi-fi only version will be fine.

While it's only a small technical upgrade to the previous version, Apple seem to have taken the complaints about its pricing to heart, as this is competitively priced, leading to a bizarre situation where the newer model is cheaper than the previous.

This is very much the everyday i Pad, but packing plenty of power thanks to its A9 processor.

If you already have Camtasia for Mac and an i OS device, you can skip the apps altogether and record straight from Camtasia (check out this tutorial to learn how! Below I’ll go over how to use a few popular mirroring apps.

You’ll notice that some of these apps have screen recording built right in.

The i Pad 9.7 is available in 32GB and 128GB size variants.With so many public places where you can access wi-fi, it's worth saving money on your tablet and avoiding mobile data models, unless it’s essential that you have constant access to the internet.For more information, check out our expert guide to wi-fi, 4G and 3G tablets.The easiest way to capture video from your tablet is to use a mirroring app—an app that makes your device screen show up on your desktop or laptop computer screen.

Once your device is mirrored, you can record its screen using Camtasia. There’s bound to be an app out there that fits your needs.

Our comprehensive tablet tests include more than just Apple devices, and we've noticed a sharp upturn in the number of tablets available that rival the i Pad range in terms of both performance and price.

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