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In Windows 7, you can make most of the following changes directly from the Control Panel window we launched previously.

Note that Windows 7 does not feature Microsoft account login, making a local account your only option.

First sign in with your Microsoft account password.

Then fill in the information for your new user account. Make it subtle though, in case of those spawns of the devil who may try to access your user account.

This account holds all of your system settings, software applications, customizations, files, and more.

The account used to power the operating system is the administrator account.

Use a strong password and set-up a non-administrator account for everyday use. Because one day – and this is guaranteed – you are going to forget to log out of your account. Then some spawn of the devil is going to take a wee nosey through your stuff behind your back. While in Windows Vista, 7, 8, and 10 the powers of the administrator account are “disabled” by default, this is only helpful to keep malware at bay.

But if it is a non-administrator account, then they won’t get very far with changing system settings. For anyone with physical access to the machine with the respective account signed in, it’s easy to enable and abuse administrator privileges.

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If anyone in the family has been naughty (listening to One Direction on your computer, for example), you can block them from using the computer through this part of the Settings menu.But if you only have one administrator account, then the option to change it to a standard account will be grayed out.You need at least one administrator account to run Windows.In Windows 8 and 10, when you select the Control Panel option Make changes to my account in PC settings (under Control Panel , where you can make various changes to your account. First, you can change your photo, either by navigating to a photo on your PC, or you can use your webcam to flash your goofy smile.

Manage my Microsoft Account is pretty much self-explanatory. It's not complicated - Microsoft wants everyone to use an online account to sign into their desktop operating system.

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