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(Kathleen Connelly addresses the group) I was almost late for the meeting but luckily, I got there just in time for the opening address.

The woman at the front of the hall had just called the meeting to order.

If anybody could get my juices flowing, it was Robert.

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"I suppose if anything, it was our children who were the catalyst that set everything in motion.

" "Alright, thank you, I will." I made my way down to the front of the room and asked for a glass of water then I stood there for a moment surveying the sea of faces. "My name is Kathleen Connelly and I'm powerless over sex." "Hi Kathleen!

" The crowd of women filling the large hall cried out in unison I took a big swallow of water from my glass, cleared my throat and carried on. Maybe I should start by saying that people would never suspect underneath my prim and proper middle class exterior I have an intense craving for large black cocks.

I love them dearly but they're both very high energy, and last year their behavior was wearing thin.

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Quite simply, I was exhausted and ready to take a break. Having one girl entering puberty would be difficult enough, but two of them was enough to test the patience of a saint.At college we'd had a few "brothers' as they liked to call themselves but they pretty well stuck to themselves.

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