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The first step is getting yourself out there to meet people — which is actually pretty easy with a little effort.

As mentioned before, staying in hostels is the easiest way to met fellow travelers.

The kitchen and common room aren’t very good spots to hook up.

I know the couches in the common room might seem like the ideal spot but there are people coming and going from these places at all times of the day.

The inherent communal nature of hostels means you have a built-in network of instant and like-minded friends who are all looking to have a good time.

Plus, many of them are traveling alone or in small groups of friends so they’re open to meeting other travelers.

There are actually scientific studies that say backpackers tend to be especially promiscuous, and that sexual activities while traveling are seen as “unconventional and adventurous” and “comprise an integral part of the adventurous ethos of the backpacking experience.” — but anyone who has traveled for more than a week or two could have told you that. The following tips will help you navigate these tricky waters: The most obvious answer is to suck it up and pay for a private room.

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Hostel workers do most of their cleaning late in the morning so broom closets don’t get much use late at night — although hooking up next to a mop might not be the most romantic situation.

And the kitchen isn’t a great spot because I eat there.

If you insist of going at it in the room then it’s best to avoid the top bunk.

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sex and hooking up while traveling around Europe is a major part of the “European experience.” It shouldn’t be surprising — what do you think is going to happen when you take a bunch of twentysomethings and put them in the world’s most romantic and mysterious cities. This guide will cover everything from the culture of hooking up while traveling to the fine art of hostel sex. If you’re traveling on a budget then there is a good chance you’ll be staying in a hostel — which is great because it’s a super easy way to meet fellow travelers. It sucks because private rooms in hostels are relatively expensive but it’s the best way to ensure privacy.

Another option for meeting like-minded people with whom you share similar interest is