Google validating mx records

15-Mar-2019 15:13

In addition to the API, Mailgun supports the standard SMTP protocol.

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This limitation is also in effect for routes that are triggered by messages addressed to the sandbox domain and mailing lists created under that domain.

Usage is based on outbound messages and number dedicated IP addresses used. As your volume increases your price per message decreases according to the pricing calculator on our pricing page.

If you are a high volume sender or if you are interested in a custom contract, you can contact sales. It allows both sending and receiving messages; and also tracking can be enabled for it.

Strict will raise an error in case the member already exists, upsert will update an existing member if it’s here or insert a new one.

Learn how to toggle between the the modes and skip malformed addresses in the Template Variables There are some pre-defined variables you can use to personalize your message to each recipient.In addition, you can use Template Variables to create a unique message for each member of the Mailing List.

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