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05-Feb-2019 21:47

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Cold fronts, heat waves, drought or the arrival or delay of the rainy season permeate daily conversations. Traffic: Traffic in major cities has become a headache for many.Talking about traffic is often an ice-breaker since everyone, regardless of class, gender or religion, suffers through the traffic.Be cautious in conversations about narco-trafficking, criminality and corruption as it can be difficult to distinguish whether the person with whom you are speaking is involved with these activities or has suffered a related traumatic experience.People of all walks of life have likely experienced first or second-hand violent or psychologically damaging criminality; people may not want to talk about it before they know a person much better.It is common to point someone or something out with the lips.Verbal Hondurans are generally friendly, helpful people who like to meet and talk to foreigners to provide directions and other casual conversation.People who live in poverty, that are lower-level employees or otherwise perceive themselves to be subordinate to you for whatever reason (including you being a foreigner), will avoid making eye contact, listen, agree with everything you say, and wait for instructions.

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Hondurans are happy to talk about their country, its flora and fauna, and places of interest.The more educated a person is, the more likely they are to interact with you as an equal; however, habits of deference are hard to break.

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