How does archaeological dating work

18-Feb-2019 05:00

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Cult activity is known from the 8th century BCE forward from dedications in the sacred spring, and a temple was built in the 6th century BCE.In the 420s BCE, there was a period of significant architectural activity at the site, including the addition of the Π-shaped stoa, the bridge and reconstruction work on the temple.Vravrona or Vravronas) is an early sacred site on the eastern coast of Attica near the Aegean Sea in a small inlet.The inlet has silted up since ancient times, pushing the current shoreline farther from the site. 24 m high and 220 m to the southeast, was inhabited during the Neolithic era, c.

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And set up this law: whenever the people keep the festival as a payment of your sacrifice, hold a sword at a man's throat and draw blood, so that by this the goddess may have her holy honors.And you, Iphigenia, beside the holy stairs of Brauron you must hold the keys for the goddess herself: where you will die and be buried, and – as a delight for you – they will dedicate the finely woven material of woven cloth which by chance women having lost their lives in childbirth abandon in their homes.

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