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Thugs tied up small-business owners LOLA PEARL and DOGO DA VINCI and demanded the combination to the office safe. [November 8] Welcome to Hollywood, Part 3: The movie producer wants to see DUSTIN DARING play a detective handcuffed and chair bound.

The young couple struggled frantically against their bonds. When Dustin tries to escape again he's taped down to the chair so he won't go anywhere as the producer can plot his next scene.[November 6] This scene is also available as a clip download at FM Concepts!

) The terrified man is trussed, dominated, tickled, gagged, and then left helpless while the Katburglar searches the house for valuables!

[September 19] DOGO DA VINCI was so startled by finding LOLA PEARL blindfolded, bound and gagged that he failed to look behind him...!

Left to struggle, they were surprised to discover that sometimes getting bound-and-gagged together can become... Dogo struggles in alarm, but he can't stop Lola from sliding her hand inside his pants!

[November 20] Welcome to Hollywood, Part 4: DUSTIN DARING is zip-tied on the kitchen floor and directed to struggle against the stiff plastic restraints!

With his tape gag wrapped around is head there's no getting the gag loose enough to call for help so Dustin works himself up to a standing position and tries to hop away!

[November 13] This scene is also available as a video download in the feature Welcome to Hollywood!

Now stripped down and embarrassed by their vulnerability, VICTORIA JUNE and ROBBY ECHO are still being held by the baddies! "I'm tired, and I have to get up early in the morning.

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Left alone for a moment, they attempt to untie each other... As punishment, Robby is forced to foot-worship Victoria, to the humiliation of both! Download some great bondage scenes from our newest release Nowhere Safe for Captured Couples! Tomorrow's an important day at work." Robby dropped off to sleep while Victoria pouted... When Robby woke up later that night, he found himself in some trouble![September 14] This scene is also available as a video clip on Bound and Gagged Couples!

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