Is ruby gettinger dating denny

18-Feb-2019 04:04

Tackling such a serious medical condition is not as easy as it may sound, hence the need of proper support from others who have taken the journey of losing weight and succeeded.

Ruby Gettinger is among those who have walked the path to a healthier life after certain tragedies in her past left a negative impact on her body.

The show also dwelled on her mysterious past, as shown in an episode where she visited a psychiatrist and Gettinger was unable to provide any detail before she reached 13 years of age.

Her ex-boyfriend Starr also made an appearance in one episode to support her.

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A reality show followed her progress, with promising results, until it was no longer renewed for reasons unknown.She stopped attending college and found even the simplest of actions to be difficult like lifting a can of soda.She spent most of her time sleeping and pain was a constant.She gorged on chips, processed food, and sweets without even minding what was on the label, and estimated a daily consumption that amounted to 5,000 calories.

At the age of 20, Gettinger’s weight sat on 719 pounds.

Her trainers got her into walking on the treadmill, boxing, weight-lifting, and dancing as part of her exercise routine.

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